Briggs home standby generator 14kw

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227.00 KGS
£162.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
WEB exclusive deal £5520.00 Inc VAT

Ultra-quiet running, all you can hear from the HSU140 ( 14kW LPG / gas ) generator is a slight hum as it does its job. One of the most quiet generators, at 65 dBA it’s as quiet as an average central-heating boiler, so shouldn't cause you any bother at all.

It is not only quiet as a mouse, but also very discreet. Two LPG cylinders fuel the generator, just like on your typical patio-heater or gas barbecue. With no fumes or smells, you can forget you ever had one.

The generator and cylinders need to be placed further than one metre from your house, but otherwise can be located anywhere in your garden. You can even build a trellis frame and grow plants around it if you like, making it even more discreet.

This generator automatically cuts in to deliver electricity to your home safely and efficiently during a power cut. This means no fumbling in the dark to find buttons or switches – stay in the warm and let the generator do the hard work for you.

So, if you’re looking for a quiet LPG generator, the 14 kW HSU set is the perfect choice. Having distributed portable power units since 1979, you can trust us to install a quiet and discreet generator that will make your life easier and that will ensure power security for the future.


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